Teen Talking: 5 Ways to End the Silence

Veteran Youth for Christ worker Stephanie Choong shares how parents can connect with their teenage children.

I Am My Family’s Digital Gatekeeper: Chao-Koh Ai Jin

A mother explains her role in watching what goes into her household and what influences her children.

Praying with the Kids: Morgan Zhou

Prayer is a divine relationship that involves the whole family, Morgan Zhou has discovered.

Be A Grace-Filled Parent, Not Fear-Filled: Tim Kimmel

Parenting should not be based on worrying about what will happen and how a child should behave or perform, says Family Matters CEO Tim Kimmel.

Use Angbaos and Reunion Dinner To Share Your Faith With Your Kids: I’Ching Thomas

Lunar New Year is a great time to share your faith with your kids, says apologetics speaker, writer and parent, I’Ching Thomas.

Make It Your Resolution To Connect With Your Child: Lim Chien Chong

Just before bedtime isn’t the only opportunity to talk to your kids. Look out for “teachable moments”—and accept that there are also times when they just don’t want to talk, says Lim Chien Chong.

Fathering and The Heart Of The Father: Jason Wong

The chairman of Focus On The Family (Singapore) learns about God’s heart through his own pains and heartaches.

Connect With Your Kids to Share Your Faith With Them: Eliza Lian-Ding

Building a deep, loving relationship with children will help parents to bring them to God.

Let Your Kids be Kids!: Jacqueline Chung

A packed timetable can deprive children of the simple joys of growing up, says Jacqueline Chung.

My Kids Are Growing... But Am I?: Lim Chien Chong

A father discovers that parenting is not just about nurturing his children, but also about his own maturing.

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