Fathering and The Heart Of The Father: Jason Wong

The chairman of Focus On The Family (Singapore) learns about God’s heart through his own pains and heartaches.

Connect With Your Kids to Share Your Faith With Them: Eliza Lian-Ding

Building a deep, loving relationship with children will help parents to bring them to God.

Let Your Kids be Kids!: Jacqueline Chung

A packed timetable can deprive children of the simple joys of growing up, says Jacqueline Chung.

My Kids Are Growing... But Am I?: Lim Chien Chong

A father discovers that parenting is not just about nurturing his children, but also about his own maturing.

Humility, Humanity and Hope: The Greatest Gifts for Children: Tan Lai Yong

Instead of focusing solely on performance, Tan Lai Yong has tried to raise his children with an eye on something more important in life.

Being a Homemaker: A Journey Of Trust: Susanne Ng

Giving up her job as a scientist wasn’t easy, but Susanne Ng found God providing for her in many ways.

Discipleship Begins at Home: Ron Hunter

Churches and families need to work more closely to disciple children, says co-founder of family ministry movement D6 Ron Hunter.

Raising a Child with Autism: Jasmine Goh

Accepting the condition of a special needs child has helped many parents move on and rely on God’s care for their child, observes Jasmine Goh.

Let Go, But Never Give Up: Jacqueline Chung

What do you do when your child doesn’t want to believe in God any more? A mother shares her story of rejection and redemption.

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