Allowing the life-changing wisdom of God's Word to transform us and build up our children's faith.


Three More Tips On Building A Culture Of Family Devotions

Betsy Whittaker share insights from how she conducts family devotions.

Three Tips On Starting Family Devotions: Betsy Whittaker

Family devotions are a beautiful opportunity for parents and children to connect and communicate together every day. Here’s how to get started.

Everyday Talk Is Powerful: Quek Shiwei

Let’s seize on-the-go moments to engage our children in conversations that build their faith.


Make It Your Resolution To Connect With Your Child: Lim Chien Chong

Just before bedtime isn’t the only opportunity to talk to your kids. Look out for “teachable moments”—and accept that there are also times when they just don’t want to talk, says Lim Chien Chong.

Fathering and The Heart Of The Father: Jason Wong

The chairman of Focus On The Family (Singapore) learns about God’s heart through his own pains and heartaches.

Connect With Your Kids to Share Your Faith With Them: Eliza Lian-Ding

Building a deep, loving relationship with children will help parents to bring them to God.



Give Us This Day #2

Volume 2 of this popular children’s devotional packs another 30 daily readings with engaging fun-filled stories.


Give Us This Day #3

A devotional with 31 fun-filled stories that illustrate biblical truths and convey spiritual lessons the whole family can identify with.


Help! I’m Stressed About My Child's Education

Gain biblical wisdom on how to guide and manage your children's studies in the stressful academic rat race.


Help! My Kids Want More Screen Time

Learn how to have open and meaningful discussions with your kids about screen time and digital distraction.


The Promises of Marriage

Listen in as Haddon Robinson join the regular Discover the Word speakers to discuss how to strengthen marriages.

Series: How Kids Discover the Word

Award-winning author Crystal Bowman discusses children and the kingdom of God.

Series: David as a Child Learner

How did David develop into a man after God's own heart?


Christmas: The Greatest Gift - Children's Version

Two adorable 6-year-olds share their version of the Christmas story as they answer questions on Christmas.


Step up to the plate and start leading. What does that mean? Find out in this video.


Although you will give more hours to your work than your children, you must give more of your heart to your children.

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