Why It’s Worth Investing In Christmas With Your Young Family

How to be intentional about the Christmas season with your kids.

Dads, Here’s How To Teach Your Kids The Bible: Chris Wale

Five ways to introduce Jesus and God’s truths to your preschoolers

Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas: Su-Lin Ang

Create family traditions that honour the Christ child, and make Christmas memorable for everyone in the family.

Create Fun Christmas Family Traditions: Ajith Fernando

Don’t underestimate the importance of preserving the joy of Christmas in your family

Investing In The Family

The right priority, place, and person for teaching spiritual values to kids.

Why We Need Jesus and Not Just Another Expert Opinion

Discovering godly parenting through personal discipleship.

What Naomi Taught Me About Grandparenting: Su-Lin Ang

How can grandparents play an effective role in raising grandchildren? The Book of Ruth offers some inspiration.

Mission Impossible: Paul Tripp

When Paul Tripp felt desperate and frustrated as a parent, he found God’s Grace.

I’m No Supermum: Chew Ailin

A mother of five sees parenting as a journey of refining.

Your Kids Belong To God: Chris Wale

Applying Psalm 139 to our children could set us free from parenting stress.

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