How can you help your children grow in decision making and mature as individuals?

In this last video, veteran youth worker and mother of two Stephanie Choong shares about how you can talk to your kids about the tough stuff—friends, school, and pursuits in life. Discover ideas for family projects that you can start together to enable the younger ones to serve and grow.

Download the accompanying worksheet for Stephanie’s series.


For Reflections:

  • What’s an area of your life that you realise your child closely watches? What can you model for him/her?
  • Identify a parent-child project that you and your child can embark together. What would you like him/her to take charge?


Stephanie Choong, who pioneered the preteens ministry in Singapore Youth for Christ, has been working with teenagers and youths in Singapore and around Asia for more than 20 years. She has been married for 32 years and has two grown-up children.
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