Christmas: The Greatest Gift - Children's Version

Two adorable 6-year-olds share their version of the Christmas story as they answer questions on Christmas.


Step up to the plate and start leading. What does that mean? Find out in this video.


Although you will give more hours to your work than your children, you must give more of your heart to your children.


What does it mean in practical terms to love your wife? Find out in this video.


If you want to provoke your child to anger, here's how to do it.

The Key To Understanding Why Parenting Is Hard

Parenting is challenging, but the Bible leads us to understand why.

The One Thing That Makes Parenting Tough Today

What are the dangers of distraction in parenting?

Show My Child Grace, Or Lay Down The Law?

Are God's law and God's grace two opposing forces?

Should I Try To Be My Child’s Best Friend

What does it mean to truly love your child?

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