Give Us This Day #4

Issue 4 is now available! Draw closer to God and to one another with this 31-day devotional that explains God’s Word through engaging stories.


Give Us This Day #3

A devotional with 31 fun-filled stories that illustrate biblical truths and convey spiritual lessons the whole family can identify with.


Help! I’m Stressed About My Child's Education

Gain biblical wisdom on how to guide and manage your children's studies in the stressful academic rat race.


Help! My Kids Want More Screen Time

Learn how to have open and meaningful discussions with your kids about screen time and digital distraction.


Abigail and Leah

What do you do when your dream of a perfect marriage ends in disappointment?


Divorce and Remarriage

What does the Bible teach about divorce and remarriage?


How Can A Parent Find Peace Of Mind?

Mart De Haan offers insight to help you find peace, even when parenting is difficult.


What is the Promise of Marriage?

David Egner shares wisdom from Scripture to help you renew and rekindle the promise of marriage.


When Violence Comes Home

Gain insight into the causes and effects of marital abuse and find out how you can respond with godly intervention.


Give Us This Day #2

Volume 2 of this popular children’s devotional packs another 30 daily readings with engaging fun-filled stories.

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