How to Have A Fun and Meaningful Service At Home

With COVID-19, here’s five ways to make “church service” at home a great time for all in the family.

Letting God Speak To Our Children

As the parents of four young children, David and Ashleigh share about the “whys” and “hows” of family devotions.

Raising Children In A Godless Age: Billy Graham

In this message from August 1955, Billy Graham describes problems that seem hauntingly similar to those of today.

How To Talk To Your Children About... Disease

With the spread of the 2019-nCoV, use these pointers that help connect the topic of disease and sickness with our Christian faith, as you talk to your children.

Jesus Canceled Your Mommy Guilt Trip

Moms lives with a sense that we’ll never be or do enough. What, then, can save us from this “mommy guilt”?

Three Cultures We Raise Our Kids In

How does the culture of our city, community and family shape our kids?

What’s the Purpose (and the Benefit) of Family Devotions?

Probably no habit or discipline is so recommended or even commanded among Christian families than this. But what’s the point of it?

Three More Tips On Building A Culture Of Family Devotions

Betsy Whittaker share insights from how she conducts family devotions.

Three Tips On Starting Family Devotions: Betsy Whittaker

Family devotions are a beautiful opportunity for parents and children to connect and communicate together every day. Here’s how to get started.

Everyday Talk Is Powerful: Quek Shiwei

Let’s seize on-the-go moments to engage our children in conversations that build their faith.

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