Hands-on, Child-Friendly Devotions for Easter

5 fun-filled activities to enliven your stay-home moments as you remember the Lord’s sacrifice with your kids.

God Gave Me Kids to Make Me Humble

A father of eight children shares what his parenting journey has been like.

The Three Languages of Parenting

Do we communicate information and rules, or love?

Ready For The Cyber World: Tedd Tripp

When are kids ready for smartphones or other devices that give access to the cyber world?

Raising Children to Live Out Their Faith in a Complex World: Carol Loi

Digital educator Carol Loi shares three things parents can do to journey with their children and strengthen their faith in a complex world.

Parenting In The Digital World Is Like Archery: Lucian Teo

Speaker and father Lucian Teo shares insights about how to parent in a digital world.

How to Have A Fun and Meaningful Service At Home

With COVID-19, here’s five ways to make “church service” at home a great time for all in the family.

Letting God Speak To Our Children

As the parents of four young children, David and Ashleigh share about the “whys” and “hows” of family devotions.

Raising Children In A Godless Age: Billy Graham

In this message from August 1955, Billy Graham describes problems that seem hauntingly similar to those of today.

How To Talk To Your Children About... Disease

With the spread of the COVID-19, use these pointers that help connect the topic of disease and sickness with our Christian faith, as you talk to your children.

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